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Our company is a provider of short code and mobile communication services.  Our clients range from multinational corporations and national franchise groups to the smallest entrepreneurs.  Our management team has had years of mobile commerce experience and our technology platform is the most robust on the market today!







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Our platform offers a variety of features such as several different campaign types to engage your customers in all types of interactive programs such as; Text2Screen, Text2Win, Text2Vote, Auto-Responders, Text2Donate, Mobile Coupons, and more..

Our Customer Loyalty Programs, Digital punch cards, Appointment Reminders, Emergency Notifications, Trivia, Surveys, and Text4info will help build databases that you can leverage for more transactions and better communication!

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Mobile Marketing is no longer just for big brands! With New Direction Mobile Marketing, small to medium sized businesses can have the same capabilities at a fraction of the cost than traditional marketing.

Dynamic Solutions

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Take FRUSTRATION OUT of your rewards & notification programs and ADD real-time communication with a Dynamic Call-to-Action to people who want to hear from you. MORE customers, MORE profits, MORE repeat business!

  • 73% of customers refuse another APP

  • 98% of Opt-ins come from loyalty kiosks

  • 62% of marketing emails are never read or blocked

  • Only 8% of rewards cards are in use

  • 53% of customers are overwhelmed by daily deal emails

  • 55% are overwhelmed managing their digital photos

  • 74% have difficulty managing multiple deal sites and coupons

  • 59% are annoyed by all the SPAM emails

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