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Mobile Marketing Plus

New Direction Mobile Marketing provides solutions to help augment every marketing initiative your company is running.  From Loyalty programs to NEW Customer acquisitions strategies, we have solutions that can help improve your ROI.  Integrating mobile marketing into broadcast media such as Radio, print, outdoor, flyers, or even event marketing will help you build databases of customers you can remarket to with text and drive new transactions.  Capturing current clients into databases will provide the ability to market to them over the course of a year and drive additional transactions creating top-line revenue increases.  Get started today!

Online Marketing

Competition in business is expected, but trying to cut through the clutter of what it takes to be successful in the online world is stressful and confusing. We take care of all this for you by identifying your goals and the types of clients you are looking for online and then create a plan to capture them.

We have a range of services including SEO and SEM which can help your company get found on the major search engines more easily resulting in increased revenue. Identifying your online marketing needs and attacking the online world typically turns an ROI that exceeds other traditional marketing avenues, which is why over the last 5 years businesses have been turning to online marketing more vehemently than ever!

Platform Features

Our text-messaging platform creates multiple interactive touch points with your customers. An effective mobile strategy does not work independently in a vacuum. Rather, its power lies in its ability to turn any traditional advertising medium into an interactive engagement piece. By using the mobile channel to make almost anything virtually “clickable,” you extend its reach, its information richness, and its measurability.

The ROI increases dramatically for:

  • Signage and POS displays
  • Print ads
  • Flyers and circulars
  • Television commercials
  • Radio spots

Smart Phone Apps

Our company builds enterprise level applications for all of the Smartphones in the marketplace. Having your brand accessible from the desktop of your current and potential customers’ phones provides a whole new type of top-of-mind awareness not available to most companies today. Because of our ability to deliver Smartphone apps to the Mom and Pops of the world in our platform, it brings the cost down dramatically.

Call us and find out how we can get this going for you for thousands of dollars less than expected. Create beautiful web apps for smart phone users! One click and customers know about your company. Our platform links your companies’ app to a mobile website that can be updated on the regular to keep you customers in the know and aware of your best deals, events, and more!

Appointment Reminders

Many Salons, Veterinary Clinics, Doctor Offices, and more are turning towards text-message reminder notifications of appointments vs. the old methods of post cards or phone calls. The three main advantages:

  • Environmentally Friendly (saves paper and ink)
  • Cost Savings (a text reminder can be delivered between $.03-$.11 per reminder) compare with print and we are talking about huge budget savings per month!
  • Higher read-rates – When SMS reminders are delivered, 95% read the message within 5 minutes of delivery. Compare that with post-cards.

Mobile Coupons

One of the quickest growing forms of mobile marketing is SMS or Text-message coupons. Our company can show your brand how to build huge databases of your current and potential customers that ask to receive your mobile coupons. When these databases are built, your business can deliver instant coupons right to your customers’ phones at exactly the moment you want them to get them.

Combining both the timeliness’ of the delivery and the overall open rate that exceeds 97% overall equates to huge redemption rates. The ROI on mobile coupons with many brands exceeds 8:1. No wonder so many brands are sliding budgets towards mobile engagements!

Mobile Websites

Over the next few years the number of visits to your website from a smart-phone will out number the visits from a laptop or desktop. Building a site that looks great, is easy to navigate, and helps you deliver more transactions is paramount to the success of your organization. 

Build your own mobile website in minutes, which looks rich in smart phones and graceful even in low end phones. Our mobile sites have big buttons, easy to complete forms, deliver maps and rich content that make your brand come alive on a mobile device. 

Our platform does the work for you to make sure your site is optimized for every visit on users’ mobile phones. Create a web experience automatically on every mobile phone, giving your business a rich mobile website instantly.

Virtual Business Cards

A Virtual Business Card (vCard) is a unique and engaging way to network you to your prospects and customers. Most business cards get tossed in the trash or lost never to be found again. Don’t let your information get thrown out ever again with the new virtual business cards. Simply have your prospects and customers text your name or “keyword” to a short code to receive your contact information. It’s a unique and engaging way to make sure you always leave a good impression and an even greater value is in the database of contacts that you can build up over time.

Your virtual business card message can say anything you want such as your name, business name, link to your website, link to your portfolio or resume, a slogan, contact information or any other message. The information you send to your contacts can easily be saved and will never be thrown out like traditional business cards. The Virtual business is also environmentally friendly!

QR Codes

QR Codes combined with mobile texting make our business comprehensive and user friendly while driving tremendous brand awareness and NEW traffic in the form of sales and collectable data for your future use. Create a QR Code to link instantly and directly through to your website or social network. Or create a QR Code to link through to a list of your sites and networks so users can choose how they want to connect with you.

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